The work of: Social Venturers

(Entrepreneurial) ecosystem building is a highly rewarding and, well, challenging activity. Dealing with people, grass roots organizations, funders, government at multiple levels requires the ability to constantly shift focus between the system and its parts, between the symptoms and the root causes of any issue, between individual and organizational dynamics.

Social Venturers, a hugely valuable initiative of the energetic Anika Horn, focusses on uncovering the relationships and key ingredients at play behind successful entrepreneurial ecosystems. To that end, she has run casual fireside chats (casual for Anika means tightly run — but friendly — facilitated conversations with super knowledgeable peers) on topics ranging from Fostering Inclusive Conversations to Living the Values.

I had the good fortune of taking part in the latest installment. Connecting People, is a a two-part exploration of the state of collaboration and dialogue in the entrepreneurship support space. We collectively identified issues of hierarchy, of inconsistent expectations and vocabulary, and the need for a constant reinforcement and definition of a shared objective: to create resilient, wealthy, regenerative communities through entrepreneurship and the nurturing of the surrounding fabric that supports it.

Every community is different and the learning never stops. The more we can share observations and collaborate, the sooner we can co-create better.

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